Occupational Exposure Monitoring


Safe and Sound's team of Occupational Hygienists are available to undertake a wide range of monitoring campaigns to quantify exposure levels and assessments.

The following services are catered for:

  • Personal Air Monitoring to quantify exposures to Total and Respirable Dust levels.
  • Fumes, mists and solvent personal monitoring campaigns.
  • Legionella risk assessment surveys
  • Examination and testing of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems.
  • Indoor air quality surveys to evaluate sick building problems.

All Occupational Hygiene monitoring is backed up by COSHH Assessment and Risk Assessment procedures and results are recorded and presented in professional reports.


Noise exposure whilst at work can be easily overlooked as people get used to noise and are less likely to worry about the effects until it is too late. Factory radios can represent a hidden menace along with car radios in the vehicles driven daily by reps. This is noise at work just as much as a screeching lathe in an engineering works.

The Noise at Work Regulations 1989 (UK) requires that employers assess noise exposure to ensure that hazards from noise are adequately controlled to minimize the risks to an employees hearing.

Safe and Sound can assist employers in the following ways:

Noise Assessment Surveys

Our Occupational hygienists can undertake noise surveys of your works areas to assess noise emission levels and evaluate personal exposure levels thus making an assessment in accordance with the requirements of the Noise at Work Regulations 1989.

Noise Zone Identification is carried out by plotting noise levels onto site plans so that noise contours can be plotted and this enables "hearing protection zones" to be set up to enable managers to appreciate where concerns exist and for staff to know where protection should be worn.

Dosimetry can be carried out for specific persons to monitor every minute of their work shift thus further clarifying their personal exposure levels and hopefully allowing short term concerns to be pinpointed.

Octave band frequency analysis is undertaken when noise emissions are found to be excessive and to assist with the design of control measures and the selection of personal protective equipment.

Training - Information and Instruction

Awareness training for employees and managers can be carried out to ensure that your duties to inform everyone of the risks of exposure to harmful noise has been carried out.

Noise Survey Training can be carried out to instruct in-house personnel in the techniques of noise surveying and assessment.


Safe and Sound's team of highly experienced environmental consultants are available to undertake a wide range of monitoring campaigns to assess impact on the environment.

The following scenarios can be catered for:

  • Compliance with the Environmental Protection Act (1990)
  • Re-assurance and Compliance Monitoring. Types of monitoring include:
    1. Stack Emissions
      • Volatile Organic Carbons
      • Particulates (Isokinetic Dust)
      • Combustion Products
      • Fumes/Mists/Vapours
    2. Environmental Dust Surveys
    3. Contaminated Land Surveys
      • Soil Contamination Surveys
      • Landfill Gas Studies
      • Surface/Groundwater Analysis
      • Full Site Investigations
    4. Environmental Noise surveys

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Safe and Sound's team of Occupational Hygienists are available to undertake a wide range of personal monitoring campaigns.

We can offer the following services:

  • Full Indoor Air Quality surveys for Offices, Factories, all work and home environments to quantify exposure levels of occupants to a wide range of chemicals and substances.
  • Bulk Sample survey and analysis to identify whether suspect materials contain hazardous elements such as asbestos, heavy metals etc.
  • Air monitoring - reassurance monitoring to check that safe conditions exist and clearance testing following the removal of area contaminants.
  • Awareness training and liaison meetings can be undertaken to ensure that all parties are made fully aware of the prevailing conditions and the program of works.

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